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For small family pick up orders please phone or email us
(403)250-9558 or
For large orders of cases please fill out and submit this page. We will email a confirmation page back to you with the final shipping costs for you to print, fill in your credit card details, sign and fax to us at (403)313-6558.

Item No.     Pc's Weight Item Description Per Case Quantity
B05138 1 pouch 1 kg Bharazi (pegion peas in coconut curry) $PHONE/EMAIL
B05137 1 pouch 1 kg Aloo Moong $PHONE/EMAIL
B05136 1 pouch 1 kg Aloo Mutter $PHONE/EMAIL
C01502 600 15 kg Cocktail Vegetable Samosa $PHONE/EMAIL
C01501 600 15 kg Cocktail Beef Samosa $PHONE/EMAIL
C01503 600 15 kg Cocktail Chicken Samosa $PHONE/EMAIL
C02062V 72 6 kg Regular Vegetable Samosa $PHONE/EMAIL
C02061B 72 6 kg Regular Beef Samosa $PHONE/EMAIL
C02063C 72 6 kg Regular Chicken Samosa $PHONE/EMAIL
B02122V 144 12 kg Regular Vegetable Samosa $PHONE/EMAIL
B02121B 144 12 kg Regular Beef Samosa $PHONE/EMAIL
B02123C 144 12 kg Regular Chicken Samosa $PHONE/EMAIL
C03305 360 19 kg 100% Whole Wheat Roti 12x30 $PHONE/EMAIL
C03155 360 19 kg 100% Whole Wheat Roti 36x10 $PHONE/EMAIL
C05127 330 19 kg Masala Roti (baked) 33 x 10 $PHONE/EMAIL
C05206 330 19 kg Uncooked Roti (100% whole wheat) $PHONE/EMAIL
C05139 30 6 kg Aloo Paratha 15 x 2 $PHONE/EMAIL
C05140 30 6 kg Tandoori Chicken Stuffed Paratha 15x 2 $PHONE/EMAIL
C05130 15 4.7 kg Vegetable Pakora 15 x 300g $PHONE/EMAIL
C05131 15 4.7 kg Punjabi Veg. Ckt. Samosa 15x300g $PHONE/EMAIL
C04505 1200 18 kg Samosa Wrappers 48x25 $PHONE/EMAIL
C05128 12 Btls. 6 kg Tamarind Sauce 390mL $PHONE/EMAIL
C05129 12 Btls 6 kg Chili Garlic Chutney 390ml $PHONE/EMAIL
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Thumbs Up Foods Inc.
335, 7 Westwinds Crescent NE
Calgary, AB Canada
T3J 5H2

Tel:(403) 250-9558
Fax:(403) 313-6558

Shipping Details

  • Shipping prices vary, we will confirm with you the total price of your products with shipping before processing your order
  • All products are frozen and shipped by VERSACOLD from
    Calgary, Alberta, Canada)

  • Bulk packaging is available

  • Beef and Chicken Samosas are currently only available in Alberta.
  • If you require immediate delivery, please let us know.

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